Defining Angie.

Define; to explain or identify the nature or essential qualities of, or describe.

Over the past several years, I have been told by a variety of caring friends and family members to not let certain things define who I am.

“Don’t let your mistakes define you.”  

“Don’t let your loss define you.”Profile Pic

“Don’t let divorce define you.”

“Don’t let your illness define you.”  

 “Don’t let the scale define you.”

“Don’t let others define you.”

Alrighty, then. Easy enough-I’ll just define myselfYa, right.

Sure, we I could put a few words together to describe myself, as I might do for a job interview, but once I started to think about my qualities and how they have changed, or even disappeared, over the years, I realized that there are so many things that go into truly defining a person-specifically myself.

So, I decided to write; to just start writing about all of the jumbled up experiences, wildly strange memories of so many of my loved ones I have lost, and many that are still on earth today. I decided that I wanted to share my stories with you, so that you, too, may begin the journey of defining yourself; and finding moments of glory, mercy, love, and forgiveness along the way.

As Oprah always said, “Here, we go.”


cropped-sunflower-dictionary-page.jpg Good luck on your journey.  ~ Angie

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